The repertoire of the larger band (Viramundo) & the smaller one (Sambossa) are quite similar although arrangements will differ because of the personnel.



You can leave it to us to know what music will most suit your event; we have a large repertoire of our own songs but we know where and when to play them.


We realise that people often want to dance with what they are familiar with so our sets are full of the best known songs in the Brazilian, Latin genres plus international hits.

Different events

We structure our sets to perfectly fit the event, be it a party, corporate, festival or club. And if that special song isn't already in our huge repertoire, we're prepared to learn it.







Download Viramundo photos in hi resolution by clicking on thumbnails below

Download the Sambossa 1 page biography & contact summary pdf


If you require any other images, videos or mp3's contained in this site please get in touch



Here IS a list of a technical requirements for viramundo shows with bands of Varying Sizes

For smaller shows we supply our own PA system (additional fee).

It comprises of a high quality Bose system.

The system is a Bose L1 tower with a B2 bass sub with our own mics & stands.

Into this we put 2 Bose T1 mixers which have 8 channels in total comprising of lead vox, guitar, 2 backing vocals, kick drum, snare/hi hat & percussion.

In some circumstances this system can be used as an on stage monitoring system for the band.

The 2 backline amps for the keys & bass could also sent separately into a venue system making a total of 4 channels fed into the house system. This would make sure all the sound is being fed through.

HERE is the full technical rider for larger shows

(also available as a download from the link below)

Viramundo technical rider & stage plan


First of all, thank you for your interest in booking a show for Viramundo. Below is a list of our technical requirements.


It might sound a bit formal to you, this is not meant to cause any inconveniences on your behalf. We designed this rider for optimum effectiveness at the day of the show. If there are any questions or if you have trouble providing any of the below mentioned please get in touch with us before the day of the show and we will work out a solution.


Our basic stage setup for the sextet is:

1 Drum-set ,1 Bass Guitar, 1 Acoustic Guitar/backing vox, 1 sax/flute, 1 percussion/backing vocal, 1 Lead vocal


Depending on the show we may add 1 trumpet, 1 keyboards & extra percussionists.


We assume that there is a well sized PA system provided for the concert room with sufficient power to supply a clean and undistorted 110dB SPL RMS to the mixing desk and a powerful and feedback-proof monitor system.


It is very important that the singers and the drummer each have their own monitor speakers with separate mixes. For venues over 300 people we will need two extra monitors for the guitar players and two side-fills for really large venues.


Contact Viramundo Tel (road): 07971 333288 // — — technical rider & stage plan.


Additional equipment

Round base mic stand for female vocalist (if available)

Floor carpet (approx. 160cm x 200cm) for drums on the stage



Ideally we will need a qualified sound engineer, stage technician and lights technician. At the moment we do not have a regular engineer, so we depend heavily on the staff on-site.



We prefer an overall natural sound with minimal processing and effects. The drums need not have clicky attack sounds, please use gates only when unavoidable and with great care. The vocals are best left without reverberation, maybe a bit of a very short delay on the male singer and a touch of short ambiance on the female singer.


Lighting can be discussed during sound-check, it is important though that during the show there is always sufficient light for the bass and guitar players to see the fretboard of their instruments.


Please do NOT use fog and do NOT use stroboscope effects.


Here are some example stage plans for the band for 6, 7 or 8 piece versions of the band.

Viramundo 6 piece stage plan



We will need an absolute minimum of 45 minutes sound-check, 60 to 90 minutes including set up would be perfect.




Please provide detailed directions in English two weeks before the date of the show with the complete address of the venue and a telephone contact.


We need a safe parking space available for the vehicles close to the venue. Please provide arrival, sound-check and doors-open and on-stage times. The promoter or another person should be at the venue at arrival time.




No specific dietary requirements unless stated before.

Bottles of cooled non-carbonated water for stage and backstage




A separate room for the band (2 if dancers are present) to get some rest before and after the show. It would be great to have some sofas, tables, chairs, a mirror and sink.




There`s a large amount of promo material we can send to you for advertising purposes. Don`t hesitate to write, if you need posters or flyers and promo templates, logos or pictures in various file formats. Just get in contact with us. There's no corporate identity in our advertising, but a corporate feeling for what the band is. We appreciate good design, whether it's professional or just made from the heart.


Thanks a lot for all your help!

This technical rider can be downloaded

(zipped PDF)



If you need help with any aspect of booking Viramundo or Sambossa or require promotional material or need help with merchandising etc.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Public Liability Insurance & Equipment PAT testing documents

available to download

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Viramundo 6 piece stage plan
Viramundo 6 piece stage plan
Viramundo 6 piece stage plan